In parallel to development and manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art logistics are essential to smooth performance for deadlines and optimization of resources. 

The logistic planners supervise production prioritization for each individual workshop and are responsible for deadlines; information that is made readily available to clients. They also carry out short-term load/capacity analysis to optimise the economic flow.

Subcontracting planners are responsible for the selection of partners, the maintenance of the subcontractor network, the follow-up of deadlines and the quality of the subcontracted products. They also take care of the development of new subcontracting processes and work closely with Line Managers who provide technical expertise. 

Inventory plays a key role in company management. They are omnipresent at the reception of the raw materials, supplies, etc, up to the storage of finished products. They are extremely meticulous and carry out both the physical and computerized follow-up of parts.

At the same time, Precious Materials Management Team ensures meticulous follow-up of gold and precious stones.

The Purchasing Department also plays a crucial role and is involved at the very beginning of new projects. The buyer negotiates and purchases raw materials and components. Managing supply levels is another responsibility, as is selecting suppliers, and guaranteeing quality. Purchasing guarantees the best price/quality/delivery ratio. 

Distribution Service intervenes at different stages. This team is in charge of the administrative preparation and packaging of the finished products for shipping.

Sales Administration ensures the reception and follow-up of orders. They prepare the export procedures and documents and inform the customer of the status. 

Finally, the Customer Service Department ensures the repair or reconditioning of watches and jewellery. For watches, a team of watchmakers works on both the movement and external parts. At the same time, an administrative team ensures follow-up.

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